We will continue to have Mass and other Liturgical services!!!

As a response to the recent Executive Order from the governor, I will be adding an additional Mass at St. Joseph, Williams on Sundays. Starting this weekend (July 5th until further notice), we will have an additional Mass at 12pm. This will help alleviate attendance for the 10am Mass, which the attendance is over the 25% capacity already and therefore not in compliance with Diocesan directives. This will allow for proper social distancing. But this will only work if some of our regular 10am Mass goers attend either the 5:30pm Saturday Mass or the 12pm Mass on Sunday. So in charity, please consider attending the the 5:30pm Saturday Mass or the additional 12pm Mass on Sunday.

St. Anne and Fr. Francis will continue normal Mass schedule.

Gentle reminders:

1) Use the blue tape on the floor as a guide when coming up for Holy Communion

2) The pieces of paper on the pews are guides where to sit. General rule of thumb try to stager, making sure your are not sitting directly behind or in front of someone else.

3) Mask are highly encouraged but, at this point, not required. Wash your hands regularly and practice proper social distancing.

4) Please stay home if you are sick.

5) Dispensation to miss Sunday Mass is still in place. 

6) Some of the chairs in the back of the Church have been removed to allow ushers and Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist (EMs) to move around freely. The chairs remaining in the back of the Church are for those with walkers. Do not move or add chairs.

7) When you exit the church, make use of the side exit and the exits thru the hall as not to congregate in the narthex (main entrance).

8) Be kind, be patient, be joyful, be charitable. We are doing our best to keep our church open, clean, and safe for everyone to worship. We need your help!!!

Thank you for your patience during these uncertain and difficult times. Let’s continue to pray for one another. Stay close to Jesus.


Pax tecum,

Fr. Ramirez